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Within you lies a women who is fierce, confident and clear, who is ready to build an empire as an extension of her!

This version of you does not live in doubt, she does not play in maybe energy, sabotage is not something she toys with! she shows up consistently blazing her fire!

She is waiting for you to flip the switch

She is waiting for you to step into her!


Will you give her a voice?

Will you allow her to be the main character of your business and life?


Because here’s the thing you're either allowing her to run the show or you're allowing the ego to, aka your fears/limitations/old habits and outdated belief systems.

You're either living in continually state of renewal, from glory to glory as the Bible says, or you're not!

And this is where you draw the line, this is where you decide!

Here is what you must remember, in order to claim all that is readily available to you; money, soulmate clients, doing work that expands and fuels you, you must understand that claiming your freedom in these areas comes at a cost.

The cost of exchanging your old identity, your old ways of being, doing and thinking for new ways of being, doing and thinking!

Exchanging your old ways, for the new you who will build, grow and sustain a business in alignment with who God called her to be!


So the question is, are you ready for the becoming process?

Are you ready to take you power back? To fully step into her?

To claim the income, clients & expansion in EVERY area of your life??

Are you ready for the becoming process?

Becoming the women you’ve always longed to be


The women you trust, the women you admire


The women who walks in certainty & confidence

Becoming the women who blazes her fire unapologetically


The women who is decisive, who is clear


The women who does not dabble with her work, who does not play in maybe energy


The execution queen


The one who knows who is she!

Who knows what is she meant to be do!


The one who does not allow distractions to sway her to the left or to the right, the one who marches forward laser focused


Day in and day out she pulls up her selves, she shows up, ready to serve,

available for God to flow through her


She takes her calling seriously, she knows she has lives to impact and she does not take this lightly


She sees resistance for what it is and she steps right over it

Excuses and self sabotage are things of the past


She shows up and leads herself




Are you ready to step into her, are you ready to become her?


 12 week 1:1 mentorship is here!


This is for the women ready to step into all God called her to be, to continue to build & grow her business as an extension of her soul, to grow her income, to expand and deepen her reach


If you're feeling called to finally go all in on YOU, on your calling and this work feels like a hell yes in your body, message me, lets chat!


Here is what the 12 week 1:1 mentorship will look like 

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions, we will be diving into where you currently stand with your business/offers/audience, preparing you for the week ahead, planning your personalized week of implantation 

  • Voxer support throughout the week as questions arise & or need feedback


This first week we will dive into where your business currently sits, we will come up with a game plan for you, after this we will meet weekly. We will go over the work you have implemented from the previous session and go over the new work for the week.


The work includes both practical and energetic, I am a firm believer we need both to build a thriving business, making money calling in soul aligned clients!

We will be doing deep unconscious belief, power and identity work. Soul work, rewiring patterns, behaviors and thought processes. Aligning you with all you are meant to build, create and call in!


Here is what we will dive into depending on where are you in business we can

tailor these to fit you and your business model

  • Identity work, shifting you into authority and ownership vibes, owning who you are and what you are meant to build. Creating certainty around showing up and leading 

  • Uncovering blind spots and patterns that have held you back, inner healing/subconscious work

  • Understanding how to hold the energy & to be consistent, cleaning up energy leaks

  • The energy of audacity & radical responsibility 

  • The mindset of the trailblazer/visionaire 

  • Reconnecting to your authenticity, dropping into your genius and flow 

  • Understanding how to navigate the energy of duplicity as a coach

  • Healing your relationship with God/life (this one huge)

  • Becoming fearless in selling your offers/an expert at self promotion

  • Becoming the women people love to pay 

  • Healing your relationship with money, dissolving shame, taking ownership back around money, aka growing your bank account 

  • Understanding how to create an offers, from idea to launch, creating and mapping out your offers

  • Understanding how to write potent sales pages that convert

  • Building your online presence/brand, this piece is massively important

If you feel called, reach out let's have a chat.

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