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WORTHY - The Key to True Creation, Receiving as a byproduct of being, 

You were born worthy

Innately worthy

You knew no lack

It wasn’t a part of you until you learned it, observed it and essentially bought into it

You bought into the lie that things have to be hard, that you must struggle, push and force in order to receive... 

Worthiness was stripped from you and it was replaced with inadequacies, a feeling of lack and a daunting feeling that something is missing...

That something is off and that you at your core are just not enough 

And so the chase began 

The constant need for approval

The constant need for validation 

The overgiving, the overdoing, the over perfecting 

You spend your days busy proving 

Busy seeking something outside of you 

Something to fill the void of lack, of insignificance 

The next coach, the next program, the next client, the next big shiny income goal

You overdo, over perfect, over give 

Yet it always feel like something is missing, like something is off

Fullness evades, no amount of wins fill the void

No matter what you accomplish you are always seeking the next thing

Thinking the next thing will bring you the wholeness you seek

But let tell you with decades of trying to fill the void myself I found the only true fullness you can find is the fullness and the peace that lives within your own beings, this is why Jesus said, I must go, it will be better for you. Jesus left physically but his spirit did not. He made you and I his home, so the fullness we seek is found within us. It is found by intentionally choosing and living in a place of worthiness. 


Jesus said the springs of living waters are within our beings!!! he said those who drink of these waters will never go thirst again! What a delight, right? What a promise to claim! 

So during our time together we will accessing these living waters that are within you by choosing worthiness intentionally. We will be realigning your mind, body and soul with worthiness.

We will be teaching you how to integrate worthiness so you can tap into the living waters within you so you overflow, so you create and call in all that is rightfully yours by default! 

Remember all of creation is responding to you, if you are living in a perpetual state of lack you will continue to draw more lack to you! This is why we want to pull you out of lack and survival and into abundance, creation and overflow!! To live a life by design, to create, to call in all that God has in store for you!

Join me in this 30 day workshop, where we will be stripping away ALL that is standing in the way of you living in the energy of worthiness, wholeness and overflow! Aligning with all that you are meant to create and call into your life!

Join The 30 Day Worthy Challenge 

Creating a life of overflow!

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