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  • You have no idea what you are doing when it comes to selling, you're throwing sh*t at the wall hoping it sticks!

  • You have a hard time writing your sales pages, they feel heavy and endless. You get lost writing them, unsure of what to include

  • You struggle with structuring your offers (timelines/pricing/packing your knowledge)​​​

  • You're so scared of messing up that you find yourself in an endless cycle of tweaking and perfecting and never actually launching anything ​

  • You fear not being able to provide the transformation your client came for, fear of letting them down​, deep inside you fear of not being enough for them

  • You find yourself overwhelmed with information, unsure of what to sell or how long to sell it for

  • You're winging it with your content, not sure what you are meant to share to reach your ideal person (there's a disconnect)

  • You have a hard time staying motivated about selling your offer when you're hearing crickets  

  • You find yourself constantly comparing yourself to all the experts in the industry, this makes you feel deflated and unmotivated to sell 

  • You feel like no matter how consistent you are people are just not buying!

  • You are posting endlessly yet receiving little to no engagement 

  • You feel shame promoting your work

  • You feel like you haven’t earned your right to sell "yet" like you have done enough "yet" or worked hard enough "yet" you're trapped in the "not yet" hole


Let's continue:

You may even have an epic offer in place, an offer you swear will transform lives


You poured your heart and soul into


You KNOW it works!

You know it will shift the lives of the people that go through it 


You can feel it in your belly, you are excited and so dang confident about it


Yet no one is buying

No one is inquiring

No one is engaging

Or you maybe working on an offer and you're showing up messaging from your soul, speaking the truth that you know will transform lives, yet you are still hearing cricket. 

What the hell! You are wondering! 


You coulda sworn people would be engaging and asking about your offer!

You were sure there would be a line out the door, but to your surprise you're experiencing quite the opposite!

You are beginning think that something is actually wrong with you!

That you suck, that your works sucks!


Hope is beginning to dwindle You don't know if you can keep going, but you do know something MUST CHANGE!


Girl, I get it! I was in this exact scenario! I thought that if I showed up passionate about my work people would just naturally gravitate towards me and buy my stuff, boy was I wrong!

I didn’t know a thing about selling. 

And if you're anything like I was, you have no idea what the heck you doing in terms of selling!


On top of that, just the thought of selling makes you feel gross!

You feel like you are burdening people anytime you do sell 

You avoid selling but anytime you do muster up confidence to sell you hear crickets

You have no idea how to structure or share your offers so people buy

You have no idea how to write potent sales pages that make people giddy about buying

And just the thought of being in "launch mode" stresses you out!

By the way I hate the "launch mode" mindset"as if it's something I am supposed to turn on & off! Like what the hell?!


The way I see selling is, selling must be extension of us! an extension our hearts, an extension of our lives, in other words, if we're breathing, we're selling, period!

During our time together I'll teach you how to make selling a part of who you are being so it feels effortless & you never have to be stressed out in "launch mode".

I will teach you how to sell with confidence and create offers that epically align with your soul people!

Here is what you must understand, there is an art to selling and there are many components to becoming a coach who sells with ease & who creates potent offers that convert!


The thing is YOU carry the power! you carry the antidote, the knowledge and passion 


And I am here to guide you to package your knowledge, to present & deliver it, so people love to buy from you!

Let me just say this, becoming a confident sales women who's offers are potent and sell is no longer an option! It's a MUST!


A must if you want to keep going doing what lights your soul on fire, impacting and serving lives! (if not this course find another one) but please, please master selling & become confident in creating offers that people can't wait to buy! 

If you're ready to dive into the work, here is what you will be learning:

  • How to write potent sales pages that moves people to buy ​

  • Pricing your products and offers so it feels like a hell yes in your body​​​

  • How to create clear, focused content to magnetize loyal followers/buyers

  • How to create & launch from a place of certainty and confidence

  • Grasping the beauty of selling, making selling as easy as breathing

  • Becoming a fearless sales women who has NO PROBLEM sharing her offers on the rooftops

  • How to write a potent sales pages that reach directly into the souls of your ideal clients 

  • Clarity on offer creation (taking confusion out of what to create)

  • Building trust, connection & ultimately a relationship with your audience. Taking them out of the friend zone & into paying clients​ (branding baby)

  • Creating courses, offers, workshops that you are so passionate about you cannot wait to shout about them 

  • Creating offers that people are obsessed with!

  • Pricing & structuring offers in an aligned HELL yes way!

  • Knowing what to post on social media 

  • How to come up with offer names

  • How to create engaging content 

  • How to call in your soul aligned clients 

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