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Personal Power

Connect to it, as it is the force that will drive you to create the results you are destined to create

If you're not operating in your personal power you may struggling with some or all of these on one level on another:

  • Clarity on who you are & what it is you’re meant to be doing

  • Being consistent with your work

  • Feeling fearful of showing up sharing/speaking 

  • Selling makes you feel shameful so you avoid it by doing endless tasks that don't include selling

  • You don’t feel connected to a knowing or a conviction in your body around your purpose

  • You don’t trust yourself or your intuition

  • You struggle with fear of failure, comparison or perfectionism

  • You’re unsure if you’re on the right track

  • You can’t seem to finish a project

  • You struggle with posting

  • You have a feeling of deep insignificance as if you’re not enough, as if your work is not enough

  • You’re constantly feeling as if you’re missing something, as if something is evading you

Here is what we will be diving into together in Personal POWER

  • Stepping into bold leadership energy

  • Building confidence & self trust

  • Becoming rock solid in who you are, and what you are here do

  • Getting into direct alignment with building a business you are deeply fulfilled by (vibrationally and practically)

  • Dissolving shame and stepping into freedom around sharing & selling your offers

  • Dropping the self sabotage in business and life

  • Sealing energetic leaks around selling and showing up

  • Getting to the bottom of what is causing. you to lose your power/clarity 

See every single person within their beings carries personal power (a level of self belief/confidence and conviction) but for each person the amount of personal power he or she accesses is dependent on how much of their old self, past conditioning and limiting layers they are willing to release and let go of to access more of this innate power.


So I have created this program for the entrepreneur who KNOWS they have transformative work to do in this world and who is ready to do the internal and practical work of getting beyond their limitations so they can access more of this personal power, more of this force that they carry which will drive them to create, share and sell the work of their souls with ease.


Because you know why brilliant entrepreneurs who have transformative work to do in the world are so inconsistent or quit all together?


It’s because they are missing this key element & that is PERSONAL POWER!

I put this training together because I know what it feels like to be yo-yoing with showing up, creating & selling.


I’ve personally struggled with this myself for a long time and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just commit and just do the work, why couldn't I just follow through on selling, why I kept sabotaging my own success, knowing how transformative the work I had for the world was…


I came to an understanding after years of trail and error. I understood that personal power is what I was missing. I understood is what I had to dig deep for, connect to and stay connected to if I wanted to create the results I knew I was capable of creating!!

See personal power is that inner power that starts as a nudge, as a light whisper but grows stronger and stronger as you remove the layers and years of conditioning that have kept you small, that have kept you stuck, that have kept you in the same patterns recreating the same results

The stronger your personal power gets the more convicted you feel in who you are and what it is you are meant to be doing in the world.

The stronger your personal power gets the more confident and unstoppable you become!!


Personal is what keeps you in the game!! The game of learning and unlearning. The game of creation, the game of selling the work of your soul


It’s what keeps you mastering yourself

It’s what keeps you mastering sales, strategies, marketing (because these are all IMPORTANT to you reaching the right people!)


See personal power is at the core of it all, it what makes showing up, being consistent, spreading your work, shouting it on the rooftops effortless


It’s what dissolves the ego

It’s what dissolves the “being stuck” mindset

Remember personal power is not something you find outside of you, it is generated from inside of you, we all carry it but the majority of people have it locked away beneath limiting beliefs, ideas, stories, perspectives.


Many times people don't even know what these limiting ideas are, they've had them for so long, they've grown accustomed to them

So I put this training together for the person who is ready to make the necessary shifts to rediscovering their personal power!


During our time together I will be sharing with you truths, mindset shifts way of doing & being around identity, your work, selling & business that once shifted will allow the potency of your being and your work pour through!


We will be sealing the energetic leak, mindset leaks, we will be removing the limitations that have stood in the way of your brilliance


If this sounds like a hellz yes 😆👏 I wouldn’t wait to sign up, price goes up next week!

We begin 11/9, hop in at the presale price. Price will go up next week.

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