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Doing your purpose work is HARD! Its hard getting beyond yourself, choose your hard!

Going through the learning curve is hard

Shedding layers of yourself is hard

Going the the fire is painful

Hearing crickets is hard

Feeling like your message is falling on deaf ears is hard

Not having/getting the results after you feel like you’ve given it all, sucks

But you knows what’s sucks harder?

You know what’s more painful and even more torturous???

Living the wrong dang life!!

Going to a dead end unfulfilling job you hate that sucks the living life out of you

Doing work that makes your soul feel like a dry desert

Waking up each morning in dread of another day KNOWING you are living the wrong life

Knowing you are living out of alignment with your calling, with your purpose!

Feeling dead before you even got a chance to live

Not being the person you are meant to be being!

All because you chose and continue to choose to live the wrong dang life

All because you are too afraid - too responsible - too careful

Too afraid to go ALL in!

Too afraid to FULLY commit!


People pleasing

Waiting for a sign from the heavens above!

Now ask yourself what hard would you rather take?

The hard the leaves you with no hope, no expectation for new future?

The hard of never knowing the FULLNESS of life as Jesus intended for you to know?!

Or the temporary hard of shedding your ego

The temporary hard of going through the learning curve

The temporary hard that puts you your destined path?

That puts you on your aligned path!

One of excitement, expectation & freedom

A life of creation!

A life where you can literally feel inspiration bubbling up from within your being

A life where not only are you yourself renewed by what you carry but the lives of others get upgraded because of who you are being

Choose your hard!!

Choose your path

Choose your purpose

Choose life in alignment with all that is already yours

Step into the fullness Jesus paid for



Be from a place of fullness, wholeness and inspiration!

Stop living the wrong dang life queen!

You are worth so much more than that

Your purpose

Your soul

Your life

The people you are here to shine on are worth you going through the temporary hard and stepping into your true identity!

Drop the doubt already

Step into trust!!

Be all he created you to be!!

Own her

Be her

Step in her


Go Be♥️

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