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Everything will fall into place if you be good little christian - is what you were conditioned you t

Well ok maybe not entirely, yes things might fall into place, but who’s place will they fall into?

Definitely not yours, right?

If you don’t intentionally choose what place things will fall into then yes they will fall into place, they will fall into someone else’s chosen default place > societies, your pastors, your parents or whoever you put on a pedestal

Will it be a life you were destined to lived? A Life of passion, a life of flow, a life of continual unfolding creation?

Probably not, most definitely NOT!

A life by design requires intention

A life in creation requires that you decide what you want and be bold enough to give everyone (including your inner critic) the middle finger and march forward

It requires big, bold, audacious moves

It requires you don’t go looking for permission and approval

It requires you be very ok with falling flat on your face, brushing yourself off, allowing the ego to squirm, squeal and die

It requires you be YOU even when they tell you, you’re not allowed, you are too loud, you’re too this, or that, or whatever

Remember the life you dream of must be created and it’s not going to magically fall in your lap

It must be created by you!

God gave us more authority than most want to take responsibility and ownership for

It’s a little crazy to even think about how much authority and control he gave each and every person, how much power he gave each person to choose and design their lives, to choose their desired outcomes or to choose death

“I lay before you life & death, blessing & curing, choose life so you & your descendants may live! Deut 30:19

You’re either on path choosing a life on your terms, in alignment creating the life you desire or you are living a life by default

You’re either living in survival or creation

You’re either bringing forth all that he gifted you with or you are living a life of suppression

There is no in between

Choose life ❤️

PS: If you are ready to take your purpose work to a new level & take ownership for what you carry, go checkout the link in my bio for the 1:1 mentorship that is open for enrollment

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