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Go into experiment land and give yourself permission to mess up

Allow room and space to not get it “right”

Loosen your grip

Free yourself

Quiet the monkey mind

Release the burden

Remove pressure

Trust that your heavenly dad has you, trust that he has your back

I know you think something horrible or bad will happen if you fail but that’s just not the case

if you don’t get the results you wanted you just go back to the drawing board and you create again

and you create again

and you create again

and you create again

because that is who you are, you’re a creator

Give yourself space & room to create

Give yourself room and space to play, to color, to enjoy, to throw paint on a blank canvas and not have it be a masterpiece off of the 1st or the 10th or 100th try!

Give yourself permission to mess it up

Give yourself massive grace

Allow room and space to play, to create

True creation come from inspiration

From ease



From joy


From a lit up heart

From an expanded heart

if it’s on your heart 💜 create it

Remove the hard

Remove the logic

Remove the pressure

Remove the hard

Simplify it ✨

if it doesn’t work start over

do it again and again and again and have fun with it enjoy

Remove the pressure to get it right

you are in good hands

you are safe

it is safe to play

it safe to have fun

it is safe to create

Nothing sucks the joy and life out of creation more than making it the end all be all

So don’t make it the end all be all

enjoy the process

enjoy the manifestation

enjoy the creation

Love you beautiful being

Release the burden

Let go of the struggle, the striving and allow your true essence to pour out of you as you create ✨

Decide what you want

Decide it already exists

And create from a full, fun, expansive place

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