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Guilt, shame, unworthiness have no room in your partnership with God!

God cannot partner with beliefs of "not good enough”

Gods glory, goodness and power cannot come through guilt and shame

It cannot come through feeling & thoughts of shame and inadequacy

Even if God spoke directly into your spirit and instructed you, you wouldn’t be equipped to take action you would be too busy entertaining all that you are lacking instead of seeing all you are in him and all you carry

God longs to be expressed through each person

He longs to be seen and heard

He longs to partner with you, to bring the kingdom to earth

He longs to express his glory and goodness over the earth

But he cannot do that when his own children see themselves as less than

Walking in guilt and shame

Feeling unworthy and inadequate

The key to partnering with Jesus and expressing him through you is seeing, knowing and walking in your own worth and value

Its a discipline

There is a war against you

The enemy is working OT to deceive Gods kids into seeing what they are not, what they are lacking