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Guilt, shame, unworthiness have no room in your partnership with God!

God cannot partner with beliefs of "not good enough”

Gods glory, goodness and power cannot come through guilt and shame

It cannot come through feeling & thoughts of shame and inadequacy

Even if God spoke directly into your spirit and instructed you, you wouldn’t be equipped to take action you would be too busy entertaining all that you are lacking instead of seeing all you are in him and all you carry

God longs to be expressed through each person

He longs to be seen and heard

He longs to partner with you, to bring the kingdom to earth

He longs to express his glory and goodness over the earth

But he cannot do that when his own children see themselves as less than

Walking in guilt and shame

Feeling unworthy and inadequate

The key to partnering with Jesus and expressing him through you is seeing, knowing and walking in your own worth and value

Its a discipline

There is a war against you

The enemy is working OT to deceive Gods kids into seeing what they are not, what they are lacking

Just as he did to Eve, he deceived her into believing what she was not, he got her to believe that was she was not enough, that the relationship she had with God was lacking, that something was missing

Now the enemy comes and whispers into your ear

Look how far behind you are

You haven’t done enough to deserve this outcome

You are a failure, there is still so much to do and you are so far behind

Look at how you are bad you are doing in this are of your life

Oh and must I remind you that you are a sinner and unworthy and undeserving

Feeling bad, like something is always missing

Although the thoughts might not be loud and clear in your consciousness they are there

Floating around in your being

Quietly ruling and reigning in your everyday life

You’ve become so accustomed to them that they sound normal

They bind you

They keep you stuck

Going in circles

Never realizing your worthiness

Never seeing the miracle of you

Never allowing you to tap into the magic you carry to release it to the world

So what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to continue to let the loser win?

Or are you going to make a decision from this moment forward that you won’t allow him to bully you around?

Its simple really

Its a simple shift in your thinking

its as simple as deciding to own you are worthy & understanding that everything the enemy tries to tell you otherwise is a BIG FAT lie

Own you are worthy

Own you are deserving

Own that you are awesome

Own that you carry the kingdom

Own that you carry magic

Own that you carry healing power

Own your significance

Own who you are partnering with

Own your own POWER beautiful being

Own it

Own it

Own it

and walk in it, move in it, create from it!

A simple shift in you mind will make a mountain of a difference

Everything gets to be done on the foundation and the springboard of “I am worthy”

Now go be, do, create from “I am worthy” “I am partnering with Jesus to bring the Kingdom to earth”

Drop an AMEN if you are with me ❤️

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