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Jesus Became Limitation

Walls come crushing down

Chains are being broken

The captives are being set free

Littleness is falling off of you right now

You are coming into a clearer knowing of your identity as a daughter, as a son of the king

You are stepping into your authority

You are owning who you are and who’s you are

You are coming into a deeper understanding of your magnificence

You are beginning to reflect your creator

You see him

He sees you

Eyes locked you gaze at each other

His fierceness and strength overtakes you

You melt in his presence

All the insecurities melt away

Peace fills you heart, mind and soul

Your body relaxes into the present moment in his presence everything melts away

You sense gratitude fill your heart

All the burdens, all the baggage, all the hard melts away

His beautiful smile, his lovely eyes, his gaze makes it all better

It was so simple

It was so easy

It was so freeing

He took the fears and the anxieties of the future

He took the burdens and the regrets of the past

And he gifted you right now, he gifted you this moment

And so you rest

You rest in his care

You rest in his presence

He loves you

He holds you

You are his

He is yours

You are secure

You are held

You are safe

You are anchored in him, you are rooted in who he says you are

From this place you go and you do life

You create

With knowing, with a playful, creative child like spirit you create

With a knowing that he has you and no one can take this away from you!

love you gorgeous soul♥️

Remember he is for you

He is through you

He is all around you

Closer to you than your own skin

Release the heavy, release the hard, release all that is weighing you down

Give it to Jesus

Lay it at his feet

He paid a high price for you to walk in freedom

For you to walk in lightness

For you to walk in peace

Dwelling in his peace and tranquility

Walking in freedom and expansion

You are done giving you power away to people, to circumstance

You are done allowing things outside of you to control you

Done allowing the outside noise steal your peace

Done striving

From this place of release & rest go be, do, and create from fullness & ease, and remember you are worthy of receiving all the good you desire, he is with you, he is for you and his promise to you is always yes and amen ♥️

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