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The world is starving for the truth and you busy evaluating if you are good enough

Come on already!

Get over yourself!

Get to work creating, unleashing serving from a place of “God has my back”

“I am FULLY supported in every way possible, money, people, whatever I need I will be FULLY supported on my mission

Doing the work I was born and called to do!!”

Embody these beliefs beautiful!!

Make them your own✨

Walk in them, vibrate them, feel them as if they are TRUE right now and be the women or man God called you to be!

Stop waiting on the external reality to shift to create, to be, to do what God called you to do

Stop looking around at what everyone else’s doing, losing yourself in the comparison lie

Stop waiting for someone to come knock on your door or tap on your shoulder inviting you to step into your purpose

Get to work already

Get over yourself already!

The world is starving for truth

They are hungry to know what Jesus paid a high price for

People now more than ever need to know his goodness, his freedom

They need to know the life of expansion, freedom, ease & lightness that walking with him brings!

What has he called you to do?

Who has he called you to be?

What do you need to be blazing like a fire 🔥 for all to see right now?

What do people need to know through you??

Drop the shyness, the smallness, littleness! This does not represent your mighty, big, awesome God!

He is solid, secure, confident fierce! Embody that, share that, be that

I love you♥️


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