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Weren’t meant to be slaves on this earth

Slaves to our jobs, to money, to time, to health to whatever is holding people bondage.

We were meant to have dominion and rule over this earth

We are meant to be thriving

We are meant to be creating

The earth, life was designed to serve you and I

Everything is meant to flow

It is meant to feel easy

That was the original intention

Man I truly believe that if each one is us remembered who we are. Remembered where we are seated~ in the heavenly realm

If each person stepped into their true colors

Their true identity, life would be so beautiful so colorful, so light, so inspirational as it was always meant to be

Take a moment and remember who you are

Remember your beauty your essence

Release the hamster wheel striving

You’re not a hamster 🐹😅

Release the “not enough” mindset

Trying to get “there” where every there is?!

You are there now seated in the heavenly realm own that

Walk in that

Head held high



On fire

Skipping prancing through life

Owning all of you

accepting all of who you are

Seeing your beauty and then releasing it for all to admire

Creating from your true essence from fullness

I love you ♥️

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