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What is the point? was a question I asked sometime back

What is the point, is a question that I felt heavy within my being

I was feeling very defeated and sad

Everything felt so pointless

All the work

All the showing up

All the giving




All of it felt so pointless and purposeless

As I was driving months later

I got my answer

Although the feeling of defeat passed much sooner

I brushed it off just a day later

I got my answer

I love how the Holy Spirit answered my question months later even though I forgot about it and wasn’t bothered by it anymore

He thought it was important that I knew what the point was

As I was driving to the beach the answer dropped into my spirit

The point marina, the point is freedom….


That is the point of all the work

The renewing your mind

Overcoming yourself

The point of you showing up and making space for your work even when you don’t feel like it

The point of creating courses, trainings, workshops

The point of doing ALL of this work is for FREEDOM

The point for you to step into the freedom Jesus died for

The point of understanding, walking and clothing yourself with the truth is for FREEDOM

Its for you to live, be and experience a life of freedom in every single area - money, relationships, work, creation, health

The point of each of us stepping into our purpose

The important point of each of us living out our callings

Is freedom

You living you life in alignment with who God called you to be brings freedom into your life in every way imaginable

Its renews and elevates your soul

It brings life to you

And not only does it bring freedom into your life, it brings freedom to the lives your were born to impact, serve, touch & elevate

You dimming you light, playing it small, doubting yourself

Asking am I good enough

Have I done enough?

Said enough, been enough? Am I even qualified?


Ill do it tomorrow

No one really cares anyway

Maybe it not all that important

You giving into those ideas, thoughts feelings literally takes you off path, off purpose and not only are you stealing from yourself, but you are stealing and doing a MASSIVE disservice to the people you were born touch

So when your feeling sad, defeated, not feeling like showing up to do the work, to be the work know this you MUST do it anyway

You must show up for yourself, you must show up for the people

You living out of alignment literally costs you your freedom and it takes away from the humans

So please don’t be a fish (selfish) and show up for you and the rest of us❤️

Show up for the freedom Jesus paid for

I love you

You got this

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