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You can never go broke selling from what fuels your soul

Can you imagine selling from what lit you up within?

Can you imagine living a life where you expressing you, expressing your heart, your soul, being elevated, expanded, free, on path, in alignment, inspired, excited and people loved to pay you for you expressing you?

Like people loved to pay you

And money flowed in like air

It flowed in with so much ease

And resistance to money wasn’t even a thing

You got to play, create, be, have fun and enjoy it all while being paid being you?

To me that sounds like the ultimate success

Being fulfilled doing your soul work, your purpose work, fulfilling Gods calling on your life

Impacting serving, sharing, helping, healing people all while being paid, all while being fully supported and prospered like what?!

Doesn’t that sound like Gods promise to you?!

Never being restricted by the dollar

Never having to make moves due to money restrictions

Never having to break your head as to what to sell next

It just flowed

All of it





All of it flowed

This is the promise land the land of milk and honey

The land of freedom generations have been fighting for

We are stepping into that time

Although there is a lot of change happening, a lot of destruction happening, while the enemy thinks he is winning

A new world is being formed

Old models are falling apart

This is the time for the sons and daughters to wake up and step into their identities

To know who they are in God

To know their identities fully, no more questioning, no more doubting, no more seconding guessing

Tapping into all you are, all you carry, releasing it to the world and being massively prospered by it

There will come a time where we will exchange services for services

Money won’t be a thing

Each person will be moving in their gifts and we will serve each other with our gifts

Lack won’t exist

We will thrive

We will thrive in our gifts

We will thrive in our relationship with God

We will be open, inspired, expanded alive FULL of joy liberated

Creations, ideas, wealth, affluence will be flowing like never before

The time is coming

Jump on the train or stay held back in the old model

Selling From What Fuels Your Soul 🔥is HERE!!

Release the old, jump into the river of change, be renewed with Gods word, with Gods promises, sell from what lights you up, inspires and expands you!

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