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1:1 Mentorship - The Called One

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 399 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

To the called one The tenacious one To the determined one To the one that keeps throwing herself back into the ring when it hurts To the one who shows up whether she feels it that day or not! My audacious one! I see you I know how it feels I know it can be tuff I know it can be tiring and daunting Fearful Never ending No light at the end of tunnel some days I see you You keep showing up for your dream, for your passion, you keep showing up for the person you are here to serve You are resilient You are fire You are strong You know your message, your art, your creation is meant to impact, change and serve people on a deep inner level You know this to be true to your core! You KNOW on a deep level that your message is gold! And it WILL serve and shift people on a cellular level I am here to tell you that you are on the right track and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! You see all these social media posts of the glam, the successes, the trophies the wins and you think well what the heck am I doing wrong?! Why is my message My art My creation not reaching the people it is meant to? Why isn’t it reaching in the souls I am here to serve and calling them to take action, to pull the trigger on my offers? Why aren’t they buying Why am I hearing crickets? What is wrong with me? Let me say it again —>> NOTHING <<<—there is nothing wrong with you! The prob is most of those people you see flashing their success forget to tell you the not so GLAM part of their journey They forget to tell you about the learning curve They forget to tell you about the hard parts, the parts where they wanted to delete everything and to never show up for their work ever again! They forget to tell you the time where they felt like they hit a dead end and everything felt pointless and like they weren’t being heard and seen for the massive value they were giving! So you were led to believe a lie You were fell for the illusion they painted And you began to believe little by little that there was something wrong So you’ve dimmed down your light You lost that massive fire that once burned in you You’ve toned it down You’re not showing up FULLY with a knowing With a focus With a determination that says: fears & doubts get behind me!! I have appointed myself to do the work that I know I was born to do! I have given myself FULL permission to step into my identity as leader, speaker and healer that I

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