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You are here because, you have a message burning in your soul and a huge desire to use your voice to empower, to uplift! 

Making money, transforming lives, being unapologetic AF about who you are and what you are here to unleash and create is no longer an option!

You are done f*cking around, you are ready to put in the work, you are ready to create results!

This program is literally everything you need to know to build you soul aligned business and brand. Everything you need to know to make money doing what you fuels your soul!

 It's an accumulation of all the knowledge & wisdom i've picked up & implemented over the years of being online, an accumulation of 10 of thousands of dollars of investments i've made into my own knowledge and personal development


I committed myself to this work, I left my 6 figure salary because of my passion for this work, so I promise you will get what you came for and then some, if you dedicate yourself and do the work! Now we know everyones timelines are different when it comes to results, but my goal is to give you the knowledge I didn't have upfront to speed up the process for you so you don't have to go through the trail and error I did!

  • Sharing your work, your message with confidence and power is what you are here for!

  • Being so damn committed to the vision, the inspiration, being lit AF from within is the way you've decided to live and do business!

  • Being guided by the life pulsating within you is what you are committing to! 

  • Calling in your soul aligned clients who love to pay you is what you are claiming!

If you're saying hell yes within you right now, then let me just say you have landed in the right place and I am beyond freaking excited for you!!!

We won't be wasting time on fluff information that gets you no where!! We will diving straight into the POTENT work! The work that moves mountains! The work that brings you the results you are destined for!

This work is for the leader, the audacious one, the one who knows there is MUCH more to claim in business and life! Money, clients, expansion, flow, freedom and life lived on her terms!

During our time together, I will be teaching you the practical and the strategic things you need to have in place to build a thriving soul led business coupled with the mindset & energetics!

I live and breath this work, it is who I am, it is who I be, so it is natural for me to pour out my wisdom on building a business and brand as an extension of you!

This program is for you if desire to:

  • Build a business and sell your work as an extension of your soul

  • Impart your wisdom and truth, transforming lives with your work

  • Become fearless in selling your work and promoting yourself 

  • Learn how to package and sell your offers 

  • Learn social media content strategy 

  • Learn how to write sales pages that excite people to buy

  • Understand how to call in soul aligned audience and clients 

  • Learn how to show up as a leader and authority in your space 

  • Understand the art of manifestation on a cellular level

And sooo much more!

Here is brief description of what the modules will include:


Module One: Owning the badass leader that you are

  • Identity, embodiment and ownership vibes

  • Knowing how to hold the energy when it looks like its not working 

  • How to be consistent AF 

  • The energy of audacity & radical responsibility 

  • Becoming a magnetic leader 

  • Reconnecting to your authenticity, dropping into your genius and flow 

  • Understanding how to navigate the energy of duplicity as a coach

Module Two: Power and Confidence In Selling

  • Becoming fearless in selling your offers

  • How to release lack and shame around selling

  • Mindset of a women would attracts people who love to pay her

  • How to be an expert on self promotion

  • Mindset of a business women



Module Three:  How to create an offer, from idea to launch 

  • How to create and map out your offer

  • How to price your offers so it feels like a hell yes in your body

  • How to know what type of offers to sell and how long to launch 

  • How to write potent sales pages that move people to buy

  • Learning to hold the energy to the end of your offer 

Module Four:  What to post on social media to create a loyal, trusting audience who loves to pay you! Branding baby!​​

  • Building your social media presence/audience 

  • Different content types how to use them intentionally 

  • How to use reels/stories in your business

  • How to get your followers out of the friend zone

  • Creating content that moves people to buy

Module Five: Manifestation/Healing your money story ​​

  • The art of creation, balancing gratitude & expansion at the same time 

  • Collapsing timelines 

  • Tapping into flow and creating from expansion  

  • Setting goals the aligned way  

  • Creating a thriving relationship with money

We begin Jan 31st, if you feel called to join, i'd love to have you! 

Get in at presale price 🥳 price goes up next week!! This is a ridiculously low price for the MASSIVE value you'll get during our time together! 

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