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The CEO Masterclass 

Move from being an online inspiration to a paid coach

Who is CEO masterclass for?

It's for the person who has a fire burning in her soul, she KNOWS she has important work to do in the world and she is ready to get paid for it.


This is for you if you are if you've mastered inspiring and motivating people but are struggling with business and CEO energy, meaning; people love you as inspiration, they continue to follow you, but they aren't buying from you.

We will be diving into:


Mastering your CEO mindset 

Becoming rock solid in your selling, dropping indecisiveness when it comes to creating and selling your offers 

Becoming clear on who you are and what you offer

Creating a healthy relationship with selling one rooted in love and service vs fear, shame & discomfort 

Dropping the little coach energy and stepping into leadership, power and confidence vibes around who you are and what you're meant to be creating, sharing, selling

Getting in front of the people who want to pay you 

Learning how to speak to your ideal person 

If this sounds like a hell yes for you & you are ready to move from being just inspiration online to a paid coach join me, it begins 11/29.

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