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This workshop is for you if you identify with the following:


  • You're showing up sharing your message but you're audience is not growing & you're not making any sales

  • Selling makes you feel weird and uncomfortable, you find yourself procrastinating doing everything else other than selling your services 

  • You have sense that you may sound annoying or salezy and coming off as greedy when selling

  • You have a hard time writing your sales pages and structuring your offers 

  • You find yourself overwhelmed with information, unsure of what to sell

  • You're so scared of messing up that you find yourself in an endless cycle of tweaking and perfecting and never actually launching anything ​

  • You fear not being able to provide the transformation your client came for, fear of letting them down​

  • You're feel unclear on who you are meant to be serving

  • You have a hard time implementing and taking consistent action in your business 

  • You find yourself constantly comparing yourself to all the experts in the industry, this makes you feel deflated and unmotivated 

  • You feel like you are still holding back, something is stopping you, you're not sure what. You haven't given yourself full permission to go all in on your work

  • You struggle with self sabotage and showing up consistently 

  • You're terrified of going all in and failing ​

  • Money freaks you out, you hate looking at your bank account 

I've been in the space for years and I can 100% resonate with ALL of these! Some of these symptoms or fears never fully go away, they just quieter and you just get better at seeing them for what they are (bullshit trying to hold you back) and you get really good at navigating them and kicking them to the curb! I'll teach you how during our time together.

Before we dive in, let me ask you a question, which of these categories would you say you fall into?


The person who has no problem shouting her message on the rooftops, but when it comes to selling and packing her knowledge (offers) she'd rather climb under a rock and not come out?

Or are you the person who has an offer in place and is showing up and selling and doing all the right things (or so you think) but you are still hearing crickets?

I will let you ponder on those questions, but let me just say regardless of which of these categories you fall into, I am here to help as I have been in both.   

After I overcame my fear and resistance of selling and putting offers out there & I showed up selling, messaging, pouring out my heart and soul doing all the right things (or so I thought) and I still heard crickets! 


I didn't know what the hell I was doing wrong, I didn't know what I was missing! (more on this in a bit)

I remember one night when I was feeling very defeated, sad and so disappointed... with tears rolling down my eyes I asked my husband "what is the point of all of this"? so much pouring out, so much giving, so much sharing with nothing to show for it!

Months later as I was driving to the beach with my daughter and her friend, I got the answer, it was clear and it was direct, the answer was this "the point is freedom"!

This truth dropped into my spirit, the point of the work, the point of overcoming and becoming, the point of putting ourselves out there, the point of going through the fire and having our insecurities stare us in our face, the point of building heartfelt, heart led business's, brands and empires that would change peoples lives is: FREEDOM! 

Freedom "wow I thought, hell yes it's for freedom"!! This is why we work our butts off to claim new grounds!

This gave me the power to continue to march forward doing my purpose work, I knew that I was on the right track, I just didn't know what I was missing and although months after that I continued to hear crickets, one day it clicked!

One day all of the pieces that I had been picking up along the years all seamlessly began to piece themselves together into one big puzzle and it clicked!

I had a big ah ha moment, a revelation, it hit me like a ton of bricks and honestly for at least a few weeks I was a little pissed at myself for not seeing it or "getting it" earlier! 

Here is what I understood, here is what clicked:

Not all coaches are entrepreneurs by nature, not all are wired to sell, not all business savvy. 

And on the other hand not all coaches have a passion & message burning in their belly to share with the world. 

And this is where the big disconnect happens

The first set are busy spinning their wheels pouring out their soul without structure or a foundation. (this was me)

The second set are busy building soulless businesses that people cannot connect to!  

Neither will work if you desire to build a business and brand as an extension of you, as an extension of your souls calling.

You'll need both! structure + passion 


You'll need both an entrepreneur skillset along with knowledge coupled with a passion & a heart to serve

In other words mindset + strategy 

Think of it this way:

Having one without the other is like having a car with no tires or vice versa, tires with no car...

The car just won't get you to your destination, you need both.

So during our time together this is exactly what we will be diving into, I will be teaching you how to couple both mindset & strategy in your business so you can finally create epic results, building a loyal following who love to pay you! 

Here is what we will be diving into:


  • Building trust, connection & ultimately a relationship with your audience. Taking them out of the friend zone & into paying clients​ (branding baby)

  • Creating courses, offers, workshops that you are so passionate about you cannot wait to shout about them on the rooftops!

  • Learning how to write potent sales pages that moves people to buy ​

  • Pricing your products and offers so it feels like a hell yes in your body​​

  • We will cover how to create clear, focused content so the person you are meant to reach hears you, finds you & becomes a loyal follower/buyer


  • Learning to take create, launch from a place of certainty and confidence

  • Grasping the beauty of selling, making selling as easy as breathing

  • Becoming a fearless, confident sales women 

  • Making money sexy, fun and playful again 

  • Knowing which way of marketing aligns for you 


  • Making self sabotage a thing of the past, making showing up consistently simple

  • Becoming aware of habits that are keeping you stuck in business & life, breaking them in a simple, yet powerful way


  • Understanding how to hold your power​​, this is key to creating momentum and ultimately creating results in your business


  • Creating an unshakeable mindset as purpose driven soul/spirt led entrepreneur  


  • Things you must prioritize to move your business forward


  • Learning how to give your higher self the drivers seat in business

  • The art of creation/manifestation, claiming your own personal next levels/goals the aligned way

  • The power of forgiveness, hitting reset and clean slate energy


  • Your relationship with God has direct impact on business and life, we will dive into your perspective of him, healing your relationship

  • The power of the playground mindset in business

I am beyond excited to dive into this work with you!

This will be a 10 day intensive workshop, The trainings will include both video and audio along with homework.


The homework will allow you to implement (not just learn this information) but to apply it and essentially embody it so you can get the results you came for!

We start 12/19 can't wait to see you inside! The first 10 people to join will receive the current offer price, after that the price will go up! 

I have 2 spots available for the person who would like to go through this workshop as a 1:1 client, I will be providing personal 1:1 guidance/feedback for only two people. If you feel one of these spots are for you, either send me a chat via this site or DM on instagram @marina_nikiforov 

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