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The Paid Leader


You’ve been showing up diligently & passionately impacting people with your message,

but not many people are joining or buying your work like you hoped would by now.


You know your work is powerful, you know it will change the lives of the people who find it, who find you!


So you’re not sure what you’re missing, you’re not sure where the disconnect lies…


I know, I’ve been there, it can be frustrating especially knowing that God called you to do this work, so you KNOW it’s meant to work!


You know this is your passion, you know this is your calling

You know there is no turning back, this is it, you were born to lead, you were born to impact


So what is the disconnect you’re wondering, what are you missing?


The disconnect is this:

Not positioning yourself as a CEO, not thinking or taking action as the business women you're meant to be & balancing this with the truth that you carry & leading with it.


See most people master one without the other but leaning too much on the business without passion causes burnout, leaning too much on passion without business leaves you as just an inspiration online aka the friend zone. The key is balancing both, this is crucial to your success as a coach and this is the very work we will be diving into!


Once I got this, my audience began to see me as leader in business vs just an inspiration online, since then everything has shifted, see it’s not complicated, I will show you how to make these shifts so you can move from just being an inspiration online to a paid coach who impacts lives, living out her calling.


So if you’re ready to finally close the gap and do the work God calls you to do, to put yourself in position to attract the right people who are eager to work with you and who are eager to pay you then you’ve landed in the right place


Here’s what we will dive into:


Building a business as an extension of your heart in alignment with your calling


Attracting the right people who are eager to work with you & pay you


Becoming a match to people who are ready to do the work & who are ready to take action on your offers


Making money doing work that is meaningful, important and expanding simultaneously

If this sounds like a heck yes, join me!

Get in front of the people who are ready to pay you!
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