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The Called One 1:1 Mentorship

To the called one

The tenacious one

To the determined one

To the one that keeps throwing herself back into the ring when it hurts

To the one who shows up whether she feels it that day or not!

My audacious one!

I see you

I know how it feels

I know it can be tuff

I know it can be tiring and daunting


Never ending

No light at the end of tunnel some days

I see you

You keep showing up for your dream, for your passion, you keep showing up for the person you are here to serve

You are resilient

You are fire

You are strong

You know your message, your art, your creation is meant to impact, change and serve people on a deep inner level

You know this to be true to your core!

You KNOW on a deep level that your message is gold! And it WILL serve and shift people on a cellular level

I am here to tell you that you are on the right track and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

You see all these social media posts of the glam, the successes, the trophies the wins and you think well what the heck am I doing wrong?!

Why is my message

My art

My creation not reaching the people it is meant to?

Why isn’t it reaching in the souls I am here to serve and calling them to take action, to pull the trigger on my offers?

Why aren’t they buying

Why am I hearing crickets?

What is wrong with me?

Let me say it again —>> NOTHING <<<—there is nothing wrong with you!

The prob is most of those people you see flashing their success forget to tell you the not so GLAM part of their journey

They forget to tell you about the learning curve

They forget to tell you about the hard parts, the parts where they wanted to delete everything and to never show up for their work ever again!

They forget to tell you the time where they felt like they hit a dead end and everything felt pointless and like they weren’t being heard and seen for the massive value they were giving!

So you were led to believe a lie

You were fell for the illusion they painted

And you began to believe little by little that there was something wrong

So you’ve dimmed down your light

You lost that massive fire that once burned in you

You’ve toned it down

You’re not showing up FULLY with a knowing

With a focus

With a determination that says: fears & doubts get behind me!! I have appointed myself to do the work that I know I was born to do!

I have given myself FULL permission to step into my identity as leader, speaker and healer that I am!

You’ve lost that fire!!

You’ve lost that audaciousness

That “I am going ALL in FULL force” energy

Remember the calling on your life is your responsibility to bring to life!

It is your responsibility to cultivate

Your responsibility to show up selling/offering/sharing wholeheartedly ——>>>holding nothing back!

This baby within you will not be born without you stepping in and owning it as yours FULLY!!

It is your job to succeed in living out your calling!

No one is coming to save you!

You not stepping to ALL that you are

You not releasing all that you are is not only detrimental to your own soul but to the souls you were born to lead, to impact and shift!

Here is the deal

Your purpose

Your message


So you might as well get that out of the way and make the decision now and forevermore that you will commit to it and stay the course until you hit the grave

Giving up is not an option

Because lets face it, even when you try to avoid the work or just flat out get off path you FEEL like crap!

Life become dull, gray and uninspiring!

So let’s just say that since living off path, living out of alignment, not fulfilling your destiny is a slow torturous soul death!! And it is NOT an option!!

Not for you anyway! You are different! You are not like the rest! This thing inside of you will not give you rest, you know you MUST attend to it

And bring it to life! all your life!



So lets get you back into fullness

Let’s bring that burning fire back!

Lets get you doing/being the person you know you born to be

Remember its never too late until one day it is

Don’t let that life left unlived

That magic left unreleased

Those lives left unchanged

Don’t let your dream, your purpose die inside of you

Choose life

Choose yourself

Choose the dreams

Chase the passions

I love you beautiful

If you feel called to take the leap

To invest in yourself, in your purpose I would be honored to serve you

Here’s what we will be diving into

  • Message clarity

  • Responsibility to the message, the art, the purpose beating in your heart

  • Trust & guidance learning to tune in, leaning into trust

  • Releasing the shame, guilt around selling

  • Owning your magic, showing up fully, becoming magnetic to the persons you are here to serve

  • Selling & why you it’s important you get good at it

  • Partnership with your king Jesus - your relationship with him directly impacts & influences how you show up

  • Reclaiming your boldness & courage, stepping into the powerhouse that you are!

  • Soul nourishment -You will prosper as your soul prospers

And we will be diving into what ever else the Holy Spirit guides us to work on together

Here is what is included:

~ This is a monthly membership (with the option to renew you membership each month if you wish)

~ You will receive 4 live 1:1’s with me- Each call will be scheduled for 30-90 min long just depending on how much time we need together (again this will be Holy Spirit led, we will invite him to our work together and allow him to lead us as we move through the call)

~ You will have direct access to me via messenger, where you will have the ability to ask me questions throughout the week for the full month you are signed up for

~ This work will be tailored to you specifically, your journey, your work, your calling

Let’s get you showing up in all your glory!

Shining bright like you were meant to

Marching forward confidently

Shoulders back

Focused & Determined

Clear on your vision

Clear on your gifts

Clear on what you are here to do and be

Clear on who you are here to serve!

Living on purpose

Living out your destiny

Releasing ALL you carry! impacting, shifting and elevating lives as you were born to do!

I will be taking on just a handful of people this month, if you feel called to this work. If you are ready to go all in on yourself, on your purpose. If you are ready to drop mediocrity then I wouldn’t wait! Get yourself in!

I love you! I see you, I am here for you and if you choose to take the leap I’d be honored to serve you!

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